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Rim Bangladesh is the ultimate online shopping destination for Bangladesh offering completely hassle-free shopping experience. We offer you trendy and reliable shopping, we help you make the right choice her

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Founded in 1994, Rim has been driven by its tactical vision become a leader in Bangladesh infrastructures, delivering for the benefit of clients, customers, communities and the environment. In 1994 Mr. F.M. Mamtaz Uddin, Chairman decided to pooled his assets and formed a company, Rimi Nirman Ltd. He hoped that his unique business ideas and perception would be help to build a company that would last for decades and would one day become a pioneering organization in the country. After few years from that day, Rim Leather Ltd, Rim Bangladesh, Rim Agro & Food Products Ltd, Rim Communication, Rim Life, Rim Advertising Agency, now more broadly known as Rim Group, has come a long way to becoming one of the most recognized business group in Bangladesh. Our style is contemporary and fashion forward. Our philosophy of "Never compromise with quality" inspires us to produce the trendy designs and superior quality. Rim Bangladesh offers ladies bag, ladies purse, silen bag, tote bag,crossbody, shoulder bag, backpack, wallet, belt, laptop cover, key ring, passport cover, travel bag, messenger bag, lunch box bag, maternity bag, kids bag, school bag, fashion bag, etc for every occasion for your lifestyle. The contemporary faux leather bag & leather bags to the stylish person, Rim Bangladesh fits your needs with simple, & fashionable products.

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